Each shloka (verse) is explained in detail. Sanjaya said: Seeing Arjuna full of compassion and very sorrowful, his eyes brimming with tears, Madhusudana, Krsna, spoke the following words. Lord Krishna is explaining that one whose cravings for sensual objects Lord Krishna states that one who contemplates sensual objects like form and touch develops in the mind attachment for them in the … Meditation and Going Beyond Mindfulness - A Secular Perspective - Duration: 1:44:41. In anger, people commit mistakes that they later regret, because … Click Here for Your Bhagavad Gita Starter Kit! The Supreme Person [Bhagavan] said: My dear Arjuna, how have these impurities come upon you? The meaning is that there will be destruction of the effect of efforts made earlier to attain the knowledge of the self. Chapter 2, Verse 1. Chapter 1 – The Dejection of Arjuna. Therefore, Arjuna must live to his highest potential by fulfilling that duty. New! Lord Krishna has given the origin and causes for the defects mentioned in Continuing Lord Krishna explains that from anger the result is delusion illusion the misinterpretation of intellect in determining the true nature Commentaries of the Four Authorized Vaisnava Sampradayas as confirmed in the Garga Samhita Canto 10, Chapter 61, Verses 23, 24, 25, 26 This is verse 63 from the chapter 2 called “Sankhya-yoga (Yoga through distinguishing the Soul from the Body)” Verse 2.63 < Previous. Chapter 2: Contents of the Gita Summarized Bg 2.54. One will foolishly do anything in this condition. The Bhagavad-gita Verse 2.63, English translation, including the Vaishnava commentaries Sarartha-varsini-tika, Prakashika-vritti and Rasika-ranjana (excerpts). Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 63 भगवद् गीता अध्याय 2 श्लोक 63. ISKCON is Changing Prabhupada's Books! Mobile: +91 97691 79001. What happened to me?” What happened was that the faculty of judgment was affected by anger, and hence the mistake of scolding an elder was made. Show more. Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 2 - Verse 64 . O Partha ("Son of Pritha," Arjuna), surrender not to unmanliness; it is unbecoming to thee. Books By The Author . BhagavadGita.io is a modern Bhagavad Gita app with a simple, beautiful and easy to use interface, helping you focus on reading.It is an app built for Bhagavad Gita readers, by Bhagavad Gita readers. longer has the drive and incentive to cultivate themselves towards Chapter 2, Verse 64. Menu. Search. From krodha arises sammoha bewilderment and 0:33. actions not to perform. eternal connection to the omnipresent soul. Tourist Places Recipes Personalities How to Animals Flowers Buildings and Structures Cars & Vehicles Fruits and Vegitables Bhagavd Gita (All Chapters) Tuesday, 29 March 2016 Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 2 - Verse 63, Therefore, in Verse 71 there is mention about a defectless devotee and in Verse 72, there is mention about a devotee attracted towards worldly enjoyments. Delusion causes bewilderment of memory. BHAGAVADGITA.IO. When the intellect is clouded, it leads to bewilderment of memory. moha which also indicates unrighteousness desires and the tendency to 1 thought on “Bhagavad Gita Verse 62-63, Chapter 2” Anonymous said: February 8, 2013 at 4:17 am. Translation: However, one who can control his mind and senses, and is free from both attachment and repulsion, even while in the midst of sense-objects, attains divine grace. Chapter 2 Verse 62; Chapter 2 Verse 63; Chapter 2 Verse 64; Chapter 2 Verse 65; Chapter 2 Verse 66; Chapter 2 Verse 67; Chapter 2 Verse 68; Chapter 2 Verse 69; Chapter 2 Verse 70; Chapter 2 Verse 71; Chapter 2 Verse 72

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