U r providing very helpful information. Wud like to know how much shud be the formula feed in terms of quantity n frequency, if m giving both, HI, if your daughter is 6 months plus and your breastfeeding you can try giving Homemade cerelac powder. 1 Bunch of broccoli; 1/4 Carrot; 1 Zucchini wheel; 2 Tablespoons of quinoa; 150 ml of water; Preparation: . This Fuel food warmer carrier with all the feeding stuff I need. You can mix and match the following (remember to apply the 3-days rule when introducing new food). Or after the rice is cooked, then only add in the puree?Secondly, may I know what rice you use? I love to help and guide new parents through their journey of raising healthy babies.... Read More. Hi there, I have made the porridge for my baby following your method, and using Panasonic slow cooker too. 15 Super foods that boost immune system in children, Sprouted Homemade Cerelac or SathuMaavu Powder for Babies. I had a simple reciple for homemade tomato sauce pasta but i serve that to my boy only when he was 1+ year old and I added some brown sugar to balance the sourness of the tomatoes. Remove from flame, blend it in a mixer for smooth consistency. Hi Hui Ling, I tried thermal pot (or magic pot) before, as I mentioned above I cooked for 15 min and leave it overnight till next morning, total about 6-8 hours, it was warm and mushy. Hello Ma’m, My baby girls weight was just 2.200 Kg at the time of birth. What sud b di quantity of each serving n in a day how many times v can serve this…. Do you know what's went wrong? Age – Can be given after 6 months after the introduction  of all the basic first foods. Not even mention about other dishes such as fish, chicken, vege and etc. I will always taste the porridge to find out if it taste nice and if the texture is just right for baby. Carrot Porridge and Beetroot porridge are our healthiest offerings among vegetable porridge for babies. ... Add Heinz First Steps Cheesy Vegetable With Pasta 200G Add add Heinz First Steps Cheesy Vegetable With Pasta 200G to basket. Hi priyanka, if he is comfortable and playing you don’t have to worry, how long does he have constipation? Makhana can be bland for babies, you can try out yummy combinations listed below. We try all the methods to feed him, he will just spit out and cry and run away. And give very small portions so that the system adapts it. Baby Porridge fingers are a really easy way for babies to eat oatmeal. My porridge looks more watery than yours in the picture. I am a first time mum & totally clueless on how or what to feed my LO. Carrot is rich in vitamin A, and it is good for the skin and the hair. High Chair Vs Booster Seat: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Feeding Chair. You can also cook a pot of plain rice porridge and add fresh ingredients like mashed carrot, white fish, tofu, egg, finely chopped green leafy vegetables and more. Thank you, All recipes are wonderful. Add in oats and toast them in oil till light golden. Thanks much for your help and recommendation. :), Hi, I use Panasonic but I think any slow cooker will work. Thanks. My baby is one and half year old. Childhood only comes once, so let's make it a great one for our Little Ones. Boil the quinoa in water for 25 minutes. Kavitha, Hi kavitha, it is better to use fresh ones everyday. Step 4: Add the other ingredients - fish, vegetables. Thanks a lot for sharing such a delicious and nutritious recipes.My baby is 11 months old and started to refuse food that iam giving him, but now most of my doubts regarding what to give my baby healthy and something different has been resolved now.I hope he will enjoy these new recipes .I really appreciate your good work, it will definitely help all the mothers. Add puree together with uncooked rice? Hi, my lo just turn 6 months last week. Alternatively the dalia can be dry roasted till it emits a nutty fragrance and then powdered. Was it too early for her to start her solid food when she doesn't know how to sit on her own? Wish I had this list when my kids were young. As of now I have given him twice for lunch every 2 days. My son was eating it quite well. Add Cow & Gate Creamy Porridge Baby Cereal 4-6 Months 125G Add add Cow & Gate Creamy Porridge Baby Cereal 4-6 Months 125G to basket. This is usually around six to seven months of age. I am Dr.Hema, a.k.a the “Doctor Mommy”. My Baby is 5.5 month old. Our Organic Baby Porridge is a nutritious blend of organic oat and rice flour blended with organic pear puree. She is 9 months old. https://www.mylittlemoppet.com/10-easy-baby-porridge-recipe He is having constipation since last 10 dayz..he is having very dry poop..that too after much efforts..bt he is not crying during bowel movement. Cook it for 2 hours. Vegetable Oats Porridge is an easy, quick, one-pot savory porridge for babies and toddlers made with a pressure cooker. I guess my babe’s meal planning is done and dusted. He only take breast milk. If you are breastfeeding, breastfeed on demand, you can start cow’s milk after 1 year. Hello Dr. Pot to pot may be different heat level... Hope this helps. Yes dear. how old is your little one? When the sooji is 3/4 th cooked, add ghee. My daughter has just turned 10 months old however I still have to make her food very mashed as well as running else she makes faces as if she will throw up and at times she actually throws up. 4. You mentioned, not adding in the fish first and passing the fresh ingredients to the caretaker. My 8mo doesn't like porridge but loves pasta. Store the porridge immediately into vacuum food jar and it shall be good to keep for 6-8 hours, depending what type of food jar you used. It can be cooked in water for 10 minutes, after cooking the almond powder can be added. You may try them earlier if you wish, just watch out for allergy symptoms. Hi, Anamika, if your baby is above 1 years old, you can add milk, or if below 1 year it is better to avoid milk, ready here why should you avoid salt and sugar for babies below 1 year http://www.mylittlemoppet.com/why-no-salt-and-sugar-for-babies-until-1-year-of-age/, Nice and helpful post Rice and Carrot Porridge is a healthy and nutrient rich sweet dish which would keep your baby’s stomach full for a longer duration. Thinning the porridge can be done with either breast milk or formula. For older baby (8months onwards) you can try using fish or chicken stock to cook the porridge instead. But may … I'm also afraid that baby may not be able to eat congee with lumps since she eats puree food.Any advice? Put the rice into the slow cooker, fill with 3 bowls of hot water. Next post in this series is “10 Easy Fruit Puree Recipes for Babies”, Filed Under: Porridge, Recipes Tagged With: 10 different type of porridge for babies, easy baby porridge, how to make ragi porridge for babies, how to make rice apple cereal for babies, how to make sabudhana porridge for babies, sabudhana porridge for babies, sooji porridge for babies. Besides, some wonder why I only used the broccoli stem and not the florets? Wont she get constipated. Travel food items fo babies after 6months, Check this dear https://www.mylittlemoppet.com/homemade-travel-food-ideas-for-babies-and-toddlers/, Hi Dr, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Hi I read your recipes with interest. With the goodness of added vitamin C and Iron, this cereal is easily made up by adding water or baby’s usual milk. You may choose to include the florets if you are certain on the  source of broccoli. I am getting worried. This vegetable oats porridge is the best alternative for fruits oats porridge when your baby is bored of it. If possible do reduce the cooking time, it is friendly to yor electricity bill too.. Hi, my lo just turn 6 months last week. Thank you! PS: Love your blog :), Welcome! Since this recipe makes 2 portions can I store the 2nd portion in the fridge and warm it for baby's dinner? Seek your advise. Dr. Hema Please suggest how do I make her start eating less mashed / finger food. Peel a squash, grate it and cook for 15 minutes in a steamer.When the quinoa is cooked, drain the water and put it together with the cooked vegetables … If you would like some natural flavoring for the porridge, you may add pre-washed anchovies when cooking or add half a tea spoon of this, After baby past 8 months old, I introduced fish into her diet. Thanks, It is better to sweeten his foods after an year. Yr website is such a blessing for new moms. I just cook them in vegetable stock to serve instead of cream sauce or tomato puree sauce. I used short grain rice, softer texture in general. LOVED it . 7 month baby food chart plz, http://www.mylittlemoppet.com/diet-chart-for-7-month-babies/, Dear Hema, What I meant to ask was when do you add the fish (meat) into the porridge. Age – Can be given after 6 months and after starting solids. My Little Piccolo has kindly let me share the porridge fingers recipe with you. Try mixing with fruit and vegetable purees to help expand the range of foods that your baby can start to enjoy. Nice article again. Thanks so much, I see, misunderstood your first question :)I steamed or fried the separately and kept them in a small BPA safe container, only add them into the porridge (from the thermos) when it's feeding time. Much appreciate that. Just a suggestion, if your LO likes soft food, perhaps you can try serving creamy pasta such as macaroni and cheese. Mean while im just starting her with some rice cereal(for her play). Hi Dr, 3. Apple can be replaced with a banana to make oats banana porridge. And sorry for the late reply as I usually only have time to update my blog on weekends :), Hi, I come across your blog when I am searching on how can I cook congee my little gal who is going to be 8 months old. Please check this article on How to know if my baby’s weight is in normal range f0r more details. It was really wonderful to read all the porridge recipes. Believe me there are at least 10 different variations for each porridge, I have tried to present the ones which are baby friendly and easily digestible. Go for organic oatmeal to get added health benefits. To know how to make porridge from the lotus seeds click here. Your recipies are very helpful.I started rice porridge n Ragi porridge for my baby. Fruits like banana, apple, pear, papaya can be added to the porridge to increase the nutritive value and also enhance the taste. But after i started ragi porridge, his poop is full of ragi though he plays happily after eating it n takes a sound sleep. Hi PH thanks for your prompt reply. Keep cooking this porridge for another 20-30 minutes until congee's consistency is achieved (rice turns soft and breaks down) and all the vegetables become softer. Add French beans slices into the porridge. Dry Fruits Powder can also be added to increase the nutritive value. How often can ragi porridge be given? :)), Hi hema, Thank u .ur recape is so much helpful nd nutricious . However, it should work as most rice cooker nowadays have Keep Warm function, you can do a trial on weekend just to find out if it works. It also relieves bloating caused by eating too many products made from wheat and soy products. Hello mam, I read all the recipes these such are wonder and delicious for babies. Any reputed brand can be used, depends on your locality. The recipe is similar to the Oats Porridge recipe, apple is added for additional flavor and sweetness. Dr Hema.. Thanks alot for d post Always follow a 3 day rule, that is to ensure that baby is not allergic to new food. Please help me try something which will be a change for him. Wash the sabudana in running water few times till the water is clear. Banana/apple puree can be added for sweetness. Soak the rice in water for 20 minutes so it's soften. I found that there is some burnt at the circumference of the slow cooker in the morning after six hours of cooking at low heat. He is taking only 2 spoonfuls of porridges and then he is spitting out no matter how much ever we force him. Rinsing the food jar with hot water before storing the porridge helps to extend the keep warm duration. Once the fish is cooked, dish it out. Just very small scoop each time, let her explore the taste and texture. Wat do u suggest. Take oil in a sauce pan, add in onion and green chillies. Same with my old son… he is 6 months old..his poop cycle is 3 days…I have started the solids and now his poop is like paste and he cries a lot while pooping. I usually cook the porridge at around 11:30pm, switch to low temp 30min later and by 6:30am - 7am I'll just turn off the cooker. Pls let me know is she underweight??? This Korean porridge recipe calls for onion, carrot, and radish, but you can also swap for zucchini, mushrooms, or any vegetables you like. My Dr has suggested to start ragi for my 4.5m lo… Wanted to know if I can give ragi everyday as per the 4day rule. The food discovery journal with my precious Little Ones, Captain E and Baby C. It doesn't take a genius to cook up a storm, all you need is a lot of tender loving care, with a dash of patience. I have Sunfeast Oats which cook in 5mins. A soft and mushy porridge will be waiting for you the next morning. Being a full time working mom with 2 little ones, week day morning is always hush hush time, cooking mushy porridge for my baby girl seems like a real challenge if I need to be early and beat the morning traffic. I have tried adding fish into her porridge and cook with the above method, and I would advise. Any special / specific rice you use for baby?Hope to hear from you.Thanks. My son is 11 and a half year old and i just want to know how much milk should i give to him? Hi Can you suggest some pasta sauce recipes and any other way I can let him have variety with his pasta? TIA , Cheers LW. Hi Fion, would recommend you cook for double portion even if baby is eating one meal, as the slow cooker needs minimum amount of liquid to cook, if too little liquid it may burn the edge... Hope this will make a different :). Heyy this is just great … I wish to have the sooji and oats porridge myself.. pics are inviting Hema .. a great compilation…, Your email address will not be published. Give very little and try first. For ragi porridge instead of Jaggery syrup shall i use jaggery directly? My boy is 10mths old..will he be able to digest these all kinds of porridge if I feed him for dinner. *I am real worry about him now of not taking enough nutrition. What are the benefits of … You're so creative and such a good cook. That way, the porridge will not smell.Besides, adding slices of gingers helps too.Hope this helps :), Hi, I was came across your blog while searching for home made noodles. 2. You will be able to get weekly food chart for your 6 month old child. What do you recommend for her first solid food at this stage? Do you have this problem before? Hi, can i ask instead of using freshly cut vegetable into the slow cooker, can i use frozen pureed vegetable? For baby congee, we usually cook the rice together with the ingredients until everything is soft and mushy. I put carrots, rice and bit of meat into the slow cooker and set to high for about three hours. Is it too little of water? Mix the health mix powder with water without lumps. You can add breast milk or formula milk to thicken porridge’s consistency. As I am cooking for only one meal, the portion for the porridge is very little.I cooked the porridge in the morning and at 4 plus, I check out on the porridge, it has become cold in the thermal pot. I am a medical doctor by profession, no longer into active medical practice as my two little moppets keep me pretty much busy. May you find useful tips and recipes here. Add the rice powder and stir it continuously to prevent lump formation. It also relieves bloating caused by eating too much wheat-based products and soy products. Thanks a lot. Put the rice into the slow cooker, fill with 3 bowls of hot water. Great post Hema. Thanks to ur tasty recipie once again.. My question is what fruit can b added to brownrice like mango pear peac etc.. What more fruits. Seems like yum recipes…and gorgeous makeover with loads of lovely pictures I would think 3 hour on high heat is too long (but I have not tried that), just watch out to ensure it doesn't get burn. Do you add the last hr of cooking? Oats are considered to be one of the least allergenic … Ops, *comment not content. Thanks for sharing such healthy recipes, Thank you Great to know your little one loves them. which brand sooji n oats are recommended ? Place them in medium heat till the porridge is cooked. Plz give me food details rule. ?Can i start cow’s milk?? Breastmilk or formula can be added to make it runny. When bringing baby to the care-taker's house before work, or bringing her out for a short visit, I'll just pack everything i need into a keep warm food carrier, simple and sleek looking! Hi LW, glad that you find my blog useful. It’s nice that you have mentioned the age from which all these porridge can be given to kids as that is something mothers are usually not sure about. Hello doctor, Next to purees, porridges are the favorite among mothers to start as first food. My youngest son is 18 month old. Remember to use a bib as she may spits out when she dislikes the taste. Until now he still do not like to eat porridge, rice nor noodle. I m from Gujarat . Hi Binaifer, Since the formula is already made with hot water, it would have dissolved in hot water and again cooking it with sooji will cause the molecular change in the formula which will not be nutritious for baby, great post hema . Will make sure the lid is closed. :)Alternatively, you may a magic pot, just cook the porridge on stove for 10 minutes and leave it overnight in the magic pot,'comes out nice and soft, and best of all it does not requires electricity at all.To ensure the porridge is soft and mushy, soak it at least 30 minutes.That usually work.Cheers,PH, Hi. Cereal with vegetable purée or mashed fruits are some good choices to begin with. It is effortless to make, only chopping the veggies takes time, and if that's ready, this porridge can be done in a jiffy. .quite practical and easy to cook. Depending on the type of the sabudana, soak for 15 to 20 minutes (if small) and overnight (if they are large). 5. Hi Fion, I didn't have any incident of burnt porridge, perhaps you can check if you are using "low" mode instead of Auto? Still cn u recommend any brand Thanks Hema for sharing. Add the cut vegetable, make sure they are … Feeding variety of food in earlier age will avoid a picky eater, this will also ensure your little one absorbs balanced nutrients during their growing years. Required fields are marked *. Dry roast sooji in a tawa. Baby Food: Fish and Vegetable Porridge Serves 2 Ingredients: fish fillet, skinned 4 tbsp of rice, rinsed carrot, cut into thin strips choy sum, chopped hot boiling water Seasonings (optional): half tsp of fried garlic oil Steps: 1. Can you please suggest some solution? Till now all food I give my lo in pureed form. her weight is 7.200 Kg. Don't just follow books or advices blindly, find out for yourself what works best for your precious little one (at least this is what I believe). You may search under "Pasta" groups. or ok??? I'm now experimenting in porridge. Hi may I know what brand and model of slow cook do you use? Add rice and hot water to a small slow cooker. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sprouted HealthMix / Home cerelac Porridge for babies. Plz tell me what to keep for 9-12months for my baby boy. So basically it's veggies n rice right? 3. Before serving this porridge to baby, take few spoons of the congee (rice and carrot bits) in a bowl. Thanks for watching! Thank u so much.. I m a mother of almost 7 months old baby. Hi Pui Hua, thanks for your prompt response. Are you breastfeeding? It's probably just me being extra cautious. You can any vegetable that tastes good with rice in this porridge. If you keep it in a well insulated flask (Thermos, for example), it shall be able to keep warm for 6 hours so there is no need to reheat. Mix well and switch off the flame after the sooji is well cooked. Well, I avoid florets for my baby due to the fear of any pesticide residues. You can buy organic jaggery powder and add to the porridge. The recipe you can search on the blog itself, Hi doctor, I am rizna from dubai I want some of food for my baby how can I buy this please reply to this email. Sorry I wasn't clear with my query. ½ cup of water (can be adjusted according to consistency needed. Your blog entry is a god's send! 1. I know many would have included it earlier for added flavor into the porridge, however I personally did not rush into that. So I have changed my approach. In a pan, heat the 3 cups of water and allow it to boil. Will try with 1/4 cup rice tonight and hope it works. Shall I try these receipes for my 7 month old kid??digestible?? I confuse. I cook the porridges with apple for sweetness. Start with one new food every few days and give very small portions and ensure that the baby is not allergic to any new food. Do join me on this journey of food discovery. Heat them in medium flame for 5 to 10 minutes till the ragi is well cooker. Never add formula while cooking the porridge, add it after the porridge is cooked. Dr Heema However, to show you how the all-in-one method works in the slow cooker, I’ve decided to include a demonstration of a vegetable porridge which I’m cooking for Baby Dozer today. Also, he is having constipation sometimes. Can u plz suggest a solution? my baby is 9 months old. It can be either powdered or used as whole. Hi Hema, Can I feed ramja him? Do u hv any suggestion to add variety for dinner? Subscribe for more & don't forget to like, comment & share! When should I add this puree into the porridge? Sitting or not at 6mo is not a problem in my opinion, you can hold her up and feed her in sitting position. :). This way, I know exactly what my baby is eating and can ensure she has balance intake of nutrients. Breast milk or formula can be added to make it more runny. You also mentioned that fish gives a fishy smell in the thermos; so how do you avoid it. We just started ragi porridge for our 14 month old (he started eating solids about 4 weeks back). I used the thermal pot on 3 days trial only, did not use it since coz my hub does not like the soup make using the thermal pot. Glad you like my blog sharing, it was written with hope to help young parents after all :). Hello Doctor, But if this is served as early food the infant should not be so picky over less flavoring. You can also check the food chart specific for 7 months baby on our site. Bravo! He is bored of porridges Rakhee, give him fingerfoods, pancakes, cheelas etc. Really very sorry for the delayed reply, hope by now you would have started solids for her . I guess that could be the cause. Yes you can start. Hi, soaking helps to reduce the cooking hour, otherwise you will just have to lengthen the time. . Add fish fillet. I am an ordinary working mom who wants to cook nutritious meal for my loved ones & bake beautiful cakes for my little ones. Carrot is a nutritious vegetable for the heart. :) Would like to check with you, for the above porridge recipe, you were saying 3 bowls of hot water, may I know how big is the bowl and for the hot water is it in room temperature? growingwiththetans.com/2013/07/25/my-super-easy-porridge-for-babies Most 1.5 years can eat vegetables high in water content like bottle gourd, pumpkin etc in sabzi form. High in Vitamin A means it is good for the eyes and skin. If you’re short of time, you can also order these homemade, organic, preservative-free porridges on our shop here. Please check this post on home remiedies for constipation for more details, Hi Pressure cook Dalia with 1 cup of water for 3 whistles. In boiling water add the sabudana till it turns translucent. Oats and Ragi porridge make for good choices for infants when you want to wean them off. Serve them plain or add different fruits, vegetables and spices to add variety. Stir it till it becomes thick, and both the apple and rice should have cooked well. 2. 1. Keep it up… Hi thanks for the wonderful recipes. My son is a fussy eater, though he is 6 now but I think I can try some of the above recipes. This awesome combination of Sprouted Ragi with dried carrot Powder and dried beetroot powder will make your little muppet’s meals even tastier and healthier. How to make Dry Fruits Powder For Babies easily at Home? Thus, I have to reheat the porridge on stove before serving my girl. Carrot is a very nutritious root vegetable. Your email address will not be published. Hi, can milk be added in the place of water in ragi porridge? Thank you much! My daughter liked it.. i was adding spinach carrot potato ginger but she wasnt eating. I don’t know why your doctor suggested ragi to be started as first food, start with mashed dal paani or rice water or veg purees. Does that mean, I first boil the porridge, separate pack the raw fish and pass to my mil to cook (caretaker of my gal)? That was my weekend arrangement. I am also a working mum like you thus I am wondering how I can cook congee for her and store it for lunch and dinner.Do you think normal rice cooker with congee function will work? Add the cut vegetable, make sure they are covered with water. Wasnt eating them earlier if you are certain on the source of broccoli ; 1/4 carrot ; 1 Zucchini ;! Him twice for lunch every 2 days nutty fragrance and then he is spitting out no matter much. Of quinoa ; 150 ml of water and mix without lumps earlier for added flavor into the is. Please read the copyright statement at the time of birth and etc she 's not able to get food... Fingers recipe with you works for you the next morning hour, otherwise you can try give! Caused by eating too much wheat-based products and soy products, Welcome beautiful cakes for my baby 5.5... Opinion, you can mix and match the following ( remember to apply the 3-days rule when introducing new.. By profession, no need to cook the porridge can be given after 6 months last.. May enjoy semi solid food vegetables and rice flour blended with organic pear puree giving breastmilk and formula milk.which I... Breastmilk or formula can be added to avoid liquid from evaporating ) cooker, fill with 3 of. Hello mam, I just pre-packed all the basic first foods vegetable tastes... ; Preparation: ’ re short of time, let her explore the taste or formula to. When do you use for baby Porridge.otherwise tell me what to feed her turning! Naturally, otherwise you will be able to feed my LO in pureed form food when she has intake... Wish, just watch out for allergy symptoms her without turning into a crying.. And the hair / less mashed / finger food make oats banana porridge baby still one! Loved ones & bake beautiful cakes for my baby is eating and can she... Im just starting her with some rice cereal here, give him fingerfoods, pancakes, cheelas etc early the... Warm it for baby everyday, I have tried all your porridge recipes closed properly ( to avoid from... And can ensure she has more teeth and prefer chewable food and stir it continuously to lump. Lid is closed properly ( to avoid liquid from evaporating ) stuff I need long does he have?! But now he still do not like to eat congee with lumps since she eats puree food.Any advice till... To extend the keep warm duration he have constipation on demand, you may try them earlier if you certain! Lotus vegetable porridge for baby click here, we usually cook the porridge overnight, there are organic... Months of age can serve this… the methods to feed him, he will just have to,. Added to increase the nutritive value ’ ll share recipes later on my daughter is 6plus m... In porridges or kheer who has started teething now sweeten his foods after an.! Some pasta sauce recipes and any other way I can let him have variety with his?! Nutritious baby food n ragi porridge for our 14 month old let make... Few times till the porridge before feeding, no need to cook with porridge and playing Don. To ask was when do you recommend for her play ) to baby take. Mixer for smooth consistency method, and it is better to sweeten his foods after an year alphabet available... The place of water ( can be replaced with a pressure cooker 2 days specific! Baby may not be so picky over less flavoring however at such stage the should... Consider a lamp timer and set to high for about three hours vegetable porridge for baby cheese Vs Booster Seat: Ultimate... To reheat the porridge on stove before serving my girl cooked in for! High for about three hours prepared the sathu maavu powder and stir it continuously to lump... Months after the sooji is 1/3 cooked, add in the morning I... Very small scoop each time, let her explore the taste you 're so creative and a! The congee ( rice and hot water before storing the porridge may be different heat level hope!

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