Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle. The Mario Bros. are Nintendo's go-to mascots, and are also some of the most well-known video game characters of all time. Mario punched Luigi's Face and punched him into the Sky and started giving Blows at Luigi until he Smacked Luigi with his Hammer into the ground and becomed to normal landing into the ground and Luigi started to Bleed. Boomstick: Next time on DEATH BATTLE! Mario and Luigi have had many adventures, but no game has truly had them work together like the Mario & Luigi series. Wiz: Mario was slightly better in every catagory... and I include speed with that statement. Fight takes place in Lhasa. Boomstick: And his jumping abilities make up for his strength because Luigi isn't very strong... Wiz: That's right, in Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi struggles to lift a turnip off the ground! Boomstick: His Powerups. He also possesses a dark force field called the Negative Zone, which can slow down one's movement. Boomstick: Luigi has one major weakness. While it may be possible to cite examples of objects with estimable weights in various Mario games and extrapolate the brothers' quantifiable strengths from there, the examples would quickly become too numerous and variable from instance to instance to declare anything other than that Mario and Luigi are both very strong. Why? In a jumping battle it would be Luigi, if it was combat then it would be Mario. Wiz: However, everything changed when he entered the Mushroom Kingdom, a peaceful land inhabited by Toads, Yoshis, and what not, all under the rule of Princess Peach Toadstool. Boomstick:Basically Luigi Is A lot Stronger in Dream Luigi Form, Granting Him Godly Powers, Size Manipulation, Luiginoids, Powerbuffing... Wiz:Finally, Luigi Knows White Tanooki's Weakness, While Mario Does Not Know DREAMY LUIGIS Weakness. The first 3D rendering of Mario came in Super Mario 64.Mario was tasked with saving Princess Peach from Bowser. Boomstick: But even then, those Toads can rest easy when they have Mario on their side! Luigi walks on the cloud platform, finally done. Wiz: That's right, Mario can jump up to 40 feet in the air! Mario or Luigi, who would win the hearts of fans. Let's end this debate once in for all! Who can win? what did I do? Hell, when he was in New Donk, he was known as Jumpman! This debate ends here! Mario is capable to lift and destroy castles twice his size! Wiz: Mario and his younger brother/opponent wound up in New Donk City where they worked as plumbers, but when an ape named Donkey Kong kidnapped his girlfriend, Pauline, Mario sprung into action. But, we'll be giving him his newer one, the 5000 version! Wiz: Yes he does actually! Sega. Anti-Sky: It seems Luigi just get his Game-Over by Mario! gotanypain M. 2 ups, 2m, 1 reply * mario and luigi. Luigi launches himself at Mario with the Green Missile move and Mario flung back, losing his Cloud ability and F.L.U.D.D. Notable ones include... Boomstick: Generally fighting Bowser. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 1 Winner: Mario Mario would win a battle against Link, even if it is by a close margin. Luigi dons a fire flower and shoots fire at Mario, who turns into a rock and is unaffected. His cowardice. I mean, he got kidnapped at birth for Christ's sake! edging Luigi out of planned appearances completely, the second-most contentious fight between brothers in pop culture history. Mario was now standing above his brother, summoning a massive fireball. Luigi pulls out his Poltergust 5000 while Mario pulls out F.L.U.D.D. Zips is the word for our Miles Prower. Luigi is known for being slower than his more famous brother. This already makes Luigi a bigger threat than Mario, especially considering most of what Mario has accomplished was accomplished in part thanks to Luigi. Mario starts shooting more Fireballs but Luigi is dodging them until he jumps at Mario smacking him with his Hammer making him returns to normal. fight takes place in Tibet Round 1: Baby Mario and toddler Naruto vs … Press J to jump to the feed. Skyblazero: And Mario has Hammers to crush Things and has a Bunch of Power-Ups like the Fire Flower, the Ice Flower, the Tanooki Suit, the Metal Cap, the Invisible Cap, the Wing Cap, the Cat Bell the Lucky Cat Bell, the Star makes him invincible, the Super Mushroom and the 1-Up Mushroom! Back in the Dream World Luigi awakens And sees Marios Cap on Fire and Puts the Fire Out and Celebrated. His list of achievements might be smaller, but many are just as large, and they were all made while stuck in his brother’s shadow. Boomstick: Luigi, Mario's ghost hunting brother. Mario V/S Luigi Mario or Luigi, who would win the hearts of fans. Skyblazero: I'm Skyblazero and he's Anti-Sky. Those plumber brothers will be to tired to fight me after fighting each other and wearing themselves out!". Mario throws Luigi into the ground making his legs break. ... Super Mario Maker 3DS Cheats (Weird Mario, Worlds and Edamame) 6 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Cheats. Luigi may not get as much spotlight as Mario, but that dosen't mean he is a wimp! Anti-Sky: Well, now I think Luigi isn't that coward people. Shreds of evidence SPEED. Round 2: Same as R1 but they are Composite. Hes Wiz and im Boomstick Wiz- And we will be comparing there strengths, weaknesses, and powers to see how would win a DEATH BATTLE Luigi. Both brothers use their Thunderhand and Firebrand to try to finish each other off, but they both get caught in the small explosion. Summers 'skeptical' about student loan forgiveness The Hero of the Mushrooms or The Pink Demon? (Cue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wWGMiEkVu0), A giant turtle stared at his letter. Mario and Luigi have had many adventures, but no game has truly had them work together like the Mario & Luigi series. Round 4: Mario vs Kirby in a Feats battle. Wiz:First up is the Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario "Jumpman" Mario. The 2 take flight, banging into each other multiple times. In what has now become a battle of green fireballs vs. no fireballs, the winner is clear: us, the viewers, who get to witness the two most famous mushroom-loving, pipe-warping adventurers in world history give it everything they've got. Mario orces it into Luigi, and upon his waking, he was tackled to the ground by Mario, in a hug. For Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Bowser Vs Kirby. Maybe they should give Luigi his own paper-craft game in the style of Paper Mario or Yoshi’s Woolly World. Then Luigi pull out the Poltergust G-00 and fired a Plunger at Mario grabbing him and throwing Blows at Mario until kicked him away and then he tried to Suck Up Mario into the Poltergust but he used the Invisible Cap to be Invisible refusing Luigi and he smacks the Poltergust with his Hammer, destroying it. Boomstick: But he must have something special with him other than his skills right? Mario: No Luigi, I'm using it since I actually was gonna using it! who can run, jump, and bonk into a Question Block before the other has a chance to do the same. as a jet-pack, starts to throw fireballs at Luigi, who starts taking damage from them. Wiz: Luigi, one of video game's most famous sidekicks, has had a pretty rough life. what do you think? Wiz: Not so fast, Boomstick, Mario may seem powerful but he's fairly naive and not much of a strategist. Wiz:Luigi of Course is Mario's Little Brother, and He Has Quite The Skill's And Power-ups in-hand. Mario Flew around The Arena, Looking for Luigi, But Didnt, Notice him Jump ALL THE WAY To the Top of Bowsers Castle, as he Jumps Onto Marios Leg and Mario sees LuigI and Begins Spinning Super Fast. Boomstick: Yeah, that was kind of a problem because Luigi's greatest fear is ghosts! Anti-Sky: True but Mario has his own weaknesses, Mario yet has gullibility as Bowser was attemped to kill him, Luigi and EVER kidnaps his Princess and Mario yet has his gullibility after ALL That! You can see where this is going. Anti-Sky: And Luigi has the Thunderhand allows him to shoot Fucking Electricity from his hand! Calculating the brute physical strengths of Mario and Luigi relative to one another is a hopeless task. Mario's journey was all thanks to his great jumping ability! 269 posts. Boomstick:And It's Our Job to Analyze Weapon's Armor, and Skill's to see Who would win a DEATH BATTLE!!!! Mario Saw Many Luigis Appear and Rush Towards Mario and Cover him in Luigi, Mario Was Being Hit by Each Luigi, Feeling Tons Of Pain, Mario Successfully Broke Free However, and Unleashed Mega Mario, and Mario Saw Luiginoids turn Back into Luigi, Mario Tries to Crush Luigi, But Gets Stopped as Luigi Grows into Giant Dreamy Luigi. 19 Answers Video & Online Games1 decade ago. Wiz: Mario chased after Bowser, completing every challenge set in front of him until he reached his castle where he had defeated the tyrannical king. Boomstick: IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCK MARIO. Both Bro's Collided Hammers But Marios Face went to Angered to Horrified when he Saw the Luiginoids appear from Luigi and creates 3 Shockwaves, Which Mario Barely Dodges, as he Consumes a Rainbow Star he Sees 5 Dream Luigis and Eyes Widen As All 5 Luigi's Smash their Hammers Powerfully to the Ground Making 15 Luiginoids Create Shockwaves, That Mario Barrages Through as He Punches all 4 Of the Luigi Clones and Rushed at Luigi, Who Jumped into a Luigi Constellation. and think about it... mario has more fighting exp. Luigi suddenly punches Mario's Face and make Mario ends up making the Mushroom ends up flying away. Mario and Luigi were hired by Tsunade to defeat the Akatsuki, will they suceed. Overall Mario is a super strong red clad hero-. for reaction speed Mario can pilot the star diver which we already calc'd when he fought Sonic. Mario and Naruto decide to challenge Luigi and Sasuke to see who is better. They wear the same outfit, but in different colors. While the character is certainly heavy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, there has been no real comparison in the Super Mario games. Both starts to scream in fear until Luigi decide try to punch Mario just to get punched in the face by Mario and both lands into the ground. knock the smaller fighter out before they can score a bunch of points). Anti-Sky: Today we are gonna know which Brother Duo wins in a DEATH BATTLE! Boomstick:Mario has Tons Of Power-ups, As Do Luigi, But we are Giving them The Bare Essential Power Ups, Basically their Power-ups. Save Cancel. Never talk to me again! Mario, who is using F.L.U.D.D. This already makes Luigi a bigger threat than Mario, especially considering most of what Mario has accomplished was accomplished in part thanks to Luigi. Determining who would win in a fight between Mario and Luigi requires a deep dive into these very subtleties that separate one Italian plumber (well, former Italian Plumber) from another. Boomstick: He's Wiz and i'm Boomstick. reply. Makes Mario bigger and gives him more durability, Removes locking on, however can still be hit, Not very useful considering the Cape and Tanooki Suit, He fucking meows upon cloaking this powerup, Can dive, scratch and the lucky varient can turn into a statue, Lets Mario fly and float, depending on the game, Can suck up both corporeal and incorporeal beings, Can fire a plunger, which acts as a grabbing mechanism (G-00), However it limits his jumping heavily to the point he can't jump with it, Always respawns in a few seconds in Luigi's tank, Allows Luigi to fire electricity from his hand, Luigi creates dozens of clones of himself, A Chain Chomp (Good to see Bowser's army isn't sexist as there is a female variant that deals more damage) chases Luigi, Steal something from opponents if stepped on, Other people can put their hexes over other people's hexes, Explored multiple mansions and a hotel and cleansed them of ghosts, This is the third death battle completed by Luigi the Thunder Master. Mario is far less interesting than his brother, Luigi. Luigi screams in his pain while Metal Wing Cap Mario flies down. Boomstick: Generally Boiling Down To Fighting a Big Turtle. Boomstick: Even then, Luigi's Poltergust couldn't do much as it COULD capture Cappy if Mario had him, but even Mario doesn't need much use for Cappy as he's proven he can defeat much more dangerous foes than Bowser. offline. Mario: Oh Luigi, look what did you do, it's time to solve this troublem Luigi! Boomstick:Looks Like Mario's Worst Nightmare Was Death! Boomstick:Mario is Strong Enough to Survive a Hypernova, A Black Hole, Can Lift a 70 Ton Fortress and Kick it, And Can FUCKING Flatten It!! Boomstick:Mario's Hammer is also Here, And that Bastard's Hammer can Smash 100s Of Foes Into Foe-Cakes, mmm. Running into a Question Block is not a feat of endurance but a single, straightforward task. STAMINA However, What Both Didn't Know is That Peach Was Purposed to Both Plumbers, and Peach Nervously Said yes. ! Boomstick: Yeah, Luigi was faster and much more athletic, but he just couldn't match Mario's superior strength and durability! Anti-Sky: And Luigi, Mario's Brother and Sidekick. Luigi Gulped, But then Realized he Has One Chance and Shrinks Back Down as Mario Flies towards Luigi at Super High Speeds, Mario Gets Sucked into Something, the Poltergust 5000, as Luigi Lets Mario Free Towards the Fiery Lava Mario Immediately Wall Jumped onto a Tiny Platform, and Flies Back towards Luigi, Which Was a Terrible Mistake, Because Luigi Entered Negative Zone, Stop Marios Flight Mario Grabbed onto the Ledge of The Cliff as Much as he Could, Screaming as Luigi Smashed His Hammer onto Marios Head, Launching him into the Lava, Melting the Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Brain teasers, puzzles, you name ’em, this very question is asked among many gamers. Wiz: Born as one of the seven Star Children, Mario was destined for greatness. The winner of what would only be the second-most contentious fight between brothers in pop culture history would therefore be the Mario Bro. Then a letter came in. Luigi rests thinking his brother is dead but Mario runs towards him with an Ultra Hammer and tries to squish Luigi but the Green Thunder blocks it with his trusty Ultra Hammer, and soon finds himself engaged in a deadly hammer-to-hammer brawl against the Whimsical Italian Plumber. While the brothers may match one another in raw power, Luigi's mass is ultimately going to secure him a Question Block's bounty first. Skyblazero: Mario is more Stronger and Durable than Luigi and is also experienced. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoG5KWzFc_I). Therefore, Luigi effectively began as a clone of his slightly older brother. Boomstick:Luigi is A Total Wimp However, but that's Negated in Dreamy Luigi Form, Luigi is One of the Strongest Side Kicks In Gaming History. Mario looks around desperately until finding something he could use to return his brother's life. Therefore Luigi has the edge over his superstar sibling. Boomstick: Not to mention his strength! Though strength is a non-factor, size remains very much in play. Boomstick: Mario's got a few weaknesses, most pressingly his gullibility. OMG_im_on_fire. Both Rushed at Each other and Attacked Each other, Both Hitting the Others Hammer with Their Hammer, Trying to Overpower the Other when Mario Knocks Luigi onto the Ground as Luigi Puts the Hammer away and Throws Electricity at Mario, Doing Quite a Bit of Damage To Mario as He Brought out the Fire Flower. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator. Wiz: Mario Has Done Alot of Amazing Things In His Lifetime. Wiz:Mario...Boomstick:...Luigi.Wiz:The 2 Poster boy's of the World's Most Popular Gaming Franchise in the World.Boomstick:And Tonight the 2 Plumbers are Gonna Fight to the Death!Wiz:I'm Wiz and He's Boomstick.Boomstick:And It's Our Job to Analyze Weapon's Armor, and Skill's to see Who would win a DEATH BATTLE!!! How Mario Stopps Spinning as Luigi Begins Luigi Cyclone, as The 2 Are Engaged in a Cyclone Fight, In Which Luigi Gets Knocked Towards the Lava. That's his Nirvana. An article on MuayThaiPros.com about this very topic explains that in a fight, the smaller and likely more skilled combatant gains more of an advantage the longer the fight goes on, meaning that the larger fighter has to secure their win quickly for their size to play a role (e.g. Anti-Sky: Mario have ALOT of adventures in his life, generally kicking Bowser's Ass to save Princess Peach. With very little items left, Mario decides to save his power-ups for an emergency. Wiz: Mario's also quick to react, like when piloting the Star Diver! If Mario can beat Mr. L easily, and Luigi outclasses Mario, it would be even easier for Luigi to win against Mr. L. PaperStriker I propose for the location going here. He is taller, thinner and shows a wider range of emotions than Mario.Luigi was originally developed via a palette swap of Mario with a green color scheme instead of red, but as the Mario series evolved, Luigi's character became taller and thinner than his brother Mario. reply. Skyblazero: And Mario is pretty strong, he generally fight Bowser and defeated the Koopalings! At first, Luigi was just another Mario. That's five times more than the greatest human leapers who can jump 8 feet into the air! Skyblazero: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all! Boomstick: With the opposite of trust issues. Luigi is documented as being able to take down as much as 3 opponents at the same time in a wide variety of contests of physical strength, dexterity, speed, and hand to hand combat among others without even lifting a finger!! Declaring a winner, however, first requires outlining just how these subtleties would come into play. Mario is far less interesting than his brother, Luigi. One of Peach's most notable abilities that she has over Daisy is her control of emotions. That is to say, the original Mario Bros. in 1983 was the first Mario game to support two players, and it wouldn't have made sense for Player 2 to control a second Mario. Round 3: Composite Mario and Luigi vs Composite Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee. Wiz: Luigi has done some extraordinary stuff. In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, however, there were moments Luigi had to shine on his own.. RELATED: Nintendo: Mario Vs.Luigi: Who Would Win? Wiz: That's right! Then he saw his brother come in, Pleasing Red. They lock their hammers, when Luigi tries to punch Mario who dodges and kicks Luigi. But what was on the letter quickly changed his tune, it read: "Hey bro. I'm sure he does. Luigi stomps like he's wearing the Goomba's shoe. Mario then summons a firehand and shoots Luigi with it, sending him back, Luigi retaliates with throwing his hammer at Mario, sending him back into a cloud. For example, Luigi had to help Mario overcome Bean Fever, going into the dangerous Guffawha Ruins in order to find a cure. Luigi gets up and dons a leaf, turning into Kitsune Luigi, while Mario dons a feather, turning into Cape Mario. Anti-Sky: True, he has all his Power-Ups and Poltergusts can make you don't mess up with him! And even if we had taken into account all power-ups, Mario's SHEER durability, strength and experience outclass Luigi. Wiz: And Miles Prower, also Known as Tails and Hero of Cocoa Island. Mario started to hit Luigi many times with heavy fists making Luigi start bleeding and ends up having broken bones and Mario crushed Luigi with his Hammer making Luigi died into a Bloody Mess. Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set! f Skyblazero: True, but this are points of why we don't mess up with Nintendo's Famous Mascot! mario or luigi? Skyblazero: But Mario was more Smarter and Experienced than Luigi, he also is less Coward and a Better Fighter! Luigi would win hands down. Mario's nose bleeds while Luigi's mouth bleeds. Boomstick: And Luigi, Mario's younger brother and Player 2! In the end it looks like Luigi was Mari-owned. The Mario Kart Tour Berlin Tour delivers Luigi in Lederhosen, plus a variety of other costumes, and you can drive the Fast Frank kart. Boomstick: Being a Star Child, Mario is More Powerful Then The Basic Bitch. Luigi starts to try to suck up Mario but he Mario uses F.L.U.D.D. series featuring Mario from Nintnedo and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. in a fight to the end! Wiz: ... Wow. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. 39 Replies Report. Luigi then swings and then...BANG! Luigi, the tall green Mario brother from the Mushroom Kingdom. 39 Replies Report. As he put it, "It'll be perfect! Even my ex-wife, haha! Of course, since then, the most famous siblings in gaming history have become defined just as much by their differences as their similarities. Luigi punches Mario and they both get into a brutal fist fight. OMG_im_on_fire. Luigi looks at his brother in horror and Mario squishes Luigi's head. Wiz:Mario has The Fire Flower, Cape Feather, Mega Mushroom, Penguin Suit, Metal Cap, Invisicap, Tanooki Mario, and Finally, Mario's Strongest Super Power Up, The Rainbow Star, or, The White Tanooki Suit. Mario is Stronger, Luigi is More Tanky, Mario is More Skilled in Power-ups, Luigi is More Equipped, White Tanooki is Invincible, And Dream Luigi...Grants Luigi Insane Power. Anyway Mario Was Born as A Star Child Along With His Br- Wario, Donkey Kong-. Wiz:The 2 Poster boy's of the World's Most Popular Gaming Franchise in the World. Luigi's first response was not to follow up on the high five his brother had set up, but instead punched his brother in the head, causing his brother to state "That's not what I meant by that.". Mario is a guy with a mustache who can kick human beings's butts, kill an enemy via in simple terms leaping on it, can throw fireballs, start during the galaxies, and can force a kart. Boomstick: Yeah, but his infant self was annoying! Tails Wiz: I'm fine. Mario and Luigi are finally on land. Keep in mind, however, that this only affects living organisms, but not natural material like fire, water, grass, etc. Powerups and abilities - Kitsune Luigi, Poltergust 5000, Negative Zone, Ultra Hammer, etc. Wiz: Ah Luigi. Nomad. Fighting strength, then, depends on power-ups. Wiz: And Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong's chimp nephew. Luigi. Boomstick:*Clears Throat* Mega Mushroom Expands Marios Size Temporarily, Penguin Suit grants Ice and Better Swimming, Metal Cap = Metal Mario Invisicap = InvisiMario Tanooki mario Makes Mario a Furry, The Rainbow Star is Mario on LSD and...Shit, The White Tanooki Suit is Basically an Infinite Starman. See, Luigi may have battled Ghosts, Dimentio, and occasionally Bowser, but Mario is on a whole different level. Both Mario and Luigi nodded and Both got into a Fighting Stance. and luigi is taller.... luigi can lift mario up, mario cant.... mario can bellybob him and luigi could fall down then mario could unleash on him XD. Jun 1, 2008 #3 SmashBrother said: Luigi would win hands down. Luigi was pleased at this change in pace, even running for the door and greeting with an overly cheery tone. David Maas, NBA halftime showman, dies of COVID-19. It Was The Day, That Both Plumber's Were Waiting For, The Day that will Spell Eternal Happiness Forever. defeated the Koopalings. Skyblazero: Mario is the Nintendo Mascot and most famous videogame character ever. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Skyblazero: Mario born as a Star Child alongside Luigi, Wario Donkey Kong, Princess Peach and Bowser. Boomstick:And Tonight the 2 Plumbers are Gonna Fight to the Death! Then Mario looks a Fire Flower and tried to grab it but Luigi used the Thunderhand shocking Mario and Luigi used the Fire Flower becoming into Fire Luigi shooting Fireballs at Mario who jumped and kicked Luigi's face making he returns to normal. reply. The answer, of course, is yes. Boomstick: Yeah, right when he was just a baby, he got kidnapped by a wizard! Skyblazero: However, don't mess up with Mario's Sidekick! Who would win? Mario was out training with some rock and Luigi had nothing to do. Luigi and Peach Get Married and Bury Mario's Hat. Wiz:However, Compared To Luigi Mario isn't As Bright, He Usually Heads Into Battles Guns or Power-ups Blazing Without a Strategy, However Few Can Underestimate The Legendary Hero Known as Mario. Anyway, Mario has also... uh... (Think Wiz, think!) Just Like how Grandma Boomstick Made hers... Wiz:The Fire Flower and Super Cape are Pretty Self Explanitory, While the Others are Pretty Lengthyish. There was at least 1 spot he couldn't look at because it was so bright. Mario and Luigi don't have powerups, the Akatsuki can't use genjutsu and tools. One day he won a mansion that just so happened to be infested with ghosts! Wiz: And that's not all! He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. Mario then realized he would have to fight if he wanted to or not and braced for battle, (Cue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBLp-3Rw_u0). Right. You think he listens to Nirvana Wiz? Luigi (coming out of a pipe): Let's-a-go.. Boomstick: Luigi was also born as a Star Child, but I don't think he was the chosen one! the sand was hard to do anything in without being slowed to a crawl. Wario is a great character too. Luigi tries using a Thunder attack on Mario but it won't hurt him. Luigi takes notice of the cloud and joins his brother on it. Skyblazero: Luigi basically is like Mario, he can use Hammers and has Mario's Power-Ups! Both of the brother's hammers break when they swing with all their might. And it wasn't Funny when They both Saw The Other in A Wedding Groom's Tux, Peach Gasped, Hoping for the Best, Mario and Luigi got an Idea, No, BOWSER Got the Idea of the Two fighting for Peach, The Bros Just Accepted It. Battlefield is Final Destination. Luigi suddenly tries to smack Mario but Mario is dodging until he use his Hammer to counter and started giving at Luigi a Combo of Smacks until he send Luigi into a Wall. Skyblazero: But Luigi has his own arsenal, like his Poltergusts allows him to suck corporeal and incorporeal things, can blow things away, can fire a Plunger, which acts as a grabbing mechanism, can be a Car, give Luigi height and can summon Gooigi a Gooey version of Luigi who can go through Bars and sewer grates but is vulnerable to Fire and Water always respawns in few seconds in Luigi's tank and has a Quarter of Luigi's Health! Then Luigi pulled out a Power Flower and becomed into Vanish Luigi, Mario get refused but Luigi was behind Mario and Smacked him with his Hammer to the ground. Mario and Luigi starts Punching Eachother, until Luigi kicked Mario in aside And started punching him. Anti-Sky: But Luigi was faster and has Mario's Power-Ups and with his own arsenal like his Poltergusts to give troublems at Mario. Mario runs toward Luigi, only to stop when Luigi pulls out his Ultra Hammer. Luigi charges toward Mario, preparing his Thunderhand to punch him, but Mario activates his Firebrand and their two fists collide, making a small explosion that sends the plumbers back. Almost matching Sonic for speed is no mean feat. Peach doesn't even make cakes for Luigi unless Mario is there. While Luigi had better travel speed, no question. And then saving the world. Mario, however, virtually always gets to be the hero, sometimes even edging Luigi out of planned appearances completely. Both brothers had similar feats, strengths, and neither held a distinct advantage. THAT FUCKING TURTLE HAS ATTEMPTED TO KILL YOU, YOUR BR- AND KIDNAP YOUR PRINCESS! However, both Mario and Luigi are capable of fireball-slinging, nullifying its role as a differentiator. Signed: 100% Mario". While the two generally go on adventures together, Luigi has garnered an accumulated large fanbase that celebrates the often-ignored green hero. who would win in a fight mario or luigi. But Mario takes all the credit, utterly erasing Luigi's many accomplishments. Luigi couldn't believe his eyes. ... Mail and luigi. Here’s the short explanation as to why. Wiz: This battle was an extremley close call. HE WON'T CHANGE THAT EASILY! Wiz: And our job is to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win in a Death Battle. round 1: standard battle. Then suddenly Mario becomes into Fire Mario shooting Fireballs at Luigi who becomes into Ice Luigi and both collised attacks until suddenly a Fire Ball hits Luigi burning him a bit and making he returns to normal. Posted February 28, '08 1:02am UTC. Mario VS Luigi is the second episode of RatedM's DEATH BATTLE! Round 1: Bloodlusted Mario vs Bloodlusted Kirby, no Powers. Luigi is the underdog, that's why people like him. For example, Luigi had to help Mario overcome Bean Fever, going into the dangerous Guffawha Ruins in order to find a cure. For Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Bowser Vs Kirby. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle. Both Mario & Luigi are exhausted but they decide that, no matter what, only one can leave alive. Then Luigi starts Smacking Mario many times until Mario was Bleeding and suddenly Luigi ends up Smacking him into a Volcano was gonna make Eruption. gotanypain M. 2 ups, 2m, 1 reply * masia. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. One of the most mind boggling questions. Who would win? Wiz: and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle! That's just what would make the Super Mario Bros. ideal opponents in one-on-one combat: their nuances. Mario punches Luigi in the stomach, and Luigi punches Mario in the face. Posted February 28, '08 1:02am UTC. Take the intro to NSMBU or it's port for example. We see the Milano and the Great Fox cross paths, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzyif3Mbyio). Mario vs Luigi is an episode from DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. Battle of the Duo of Nintendo's Brothers. Mario is the best rep for videogames tho. Skyblazero: Luigi isn't that Coward one Anti-Sky, Luigi stopped King Boo 3 times and explored multiple Mansions and a Hotel and Cleansed them of ghosts! Peach doesn't even make cakes for Luigi unless Mario is there.

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