Scooters ARE motorcycles, and accidents at higher speeds are equally dangerous. Mopeds are a different story altogether. Electric scooter safety statistics (2019) Lime Scooter safety course; Mobility scooter safety tips. Helmets saved an estimated 1,859 lives in 2016. 316.003(2), Florida Statutes without a motorcycle endorsement. They usually have larger wheels and take a little more time to get used to the handling, which we’ll get to later. In this article, we’ll be addressing the scooter vs motorcycle debate. The best thing to do, if you are interested, is take a course like that offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Table 3 gives fatality rates per million If you want you can read the full study here. The statistics even seem to suggest that this is true, but it doesn't make much sense to me. I ride a motorcycle, and have no first hand scooter knowledge. Some 80% of women have a college or post-graduate degree. After a good helmet, at least get a riding jacket and gloves. a 50 cc scooter isn't as safe as 125 or 200 cc scooter, as the ability to speed up to get out of the way is as important, possibly more important, than the ability to stop if someone is swerving into you. In this article, we'll be addressing the scooter vs motorcycle debate. Guess His Name? Sliding along the tarmac in your summer dress… please don’t! So if you keep it within the limits, knock your number down again! At the same time there has been a shift in the demographics of motorcycle users and increased focus on motorcycle safety issues. Motorcycles were invented during the 1800s but continue to be a popular choice for getting around. Scooters, despite its somewhat limited handling, are more accessible and easier to maintain than motorcycles. One thing that is true, is that it is easier to ride a scooter without any experience than it is to ride a motorcycle. Motorcycle Safety. power = safer(ish) driving a giant car would prolly be safest, but whatever. Scooters are also popular choices for people. Most scooters have 2 to 4 stroke engines that are much easier to take care of than more complicated motorcycle engines. Reported motorcyclist KSI casualties by age of rider, GB: 2013 . When I left home I got my first motorcycle and have since owned and ridden many bikes and scooters over the years. Motorcycle Crash and Safety Statistics. In the same survey of Ontario, motorcycle speed was the top contributing factor in 12% of deaths. Improving Safety for Motorcycle, Scooter and Moped Riders The global fleet of powered two-wheelers (PTWs) is constantly increasing. Riding a motorcycle requires a CY endorsement on your Michigan license. In 2017, 5,172 motorcycle riders and passengers died in crashes. Because of their relative popularity, people often ask the question – which is better? What makes one preferable over the other? Español (Spanish) Related Pages. Scooters are compact and easy to overlook with a quick glance in the mirror. That’s what my dad thought and so I was limited to riding scooters until I left the house. Motorcycle riders aged 40 years and over are around 20 times more likely to be killed than other drivers of that age. Even lime green and hot pink ones. Most scooters have smaller engines and therefore are less powerful. From time to time I write motorcycle reviews for sports magazines and the local newspapers and attend the odd bike launch when I have to opportunity. In 2018, 4,985 motorcyclists died in motorcycle crashes, down 5 percent from 5,229 in 2017, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In certain situations this may save your life. The idea that scooter riders are generally not as reckless as motorcyclists is supported by the fact that speed-related crashes, drunk riding incidents, traffic violations, and dangerous driving accounts for only 15% of scooter accidents compared to 23% for bikes. A scooter’s smaller wheelbase makes for better maneuverability and turning. There’s less connection with the scooter than on a bike where you clasp it between your legs. The question of whether scooters are safer than motorcycles is not an easy one to find a conclusive answer for, but I tried anyway. When I was 25 a friend and I took our old XT500's on a short trip and I fell in love with adventure bike riding. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to How An Authenticator Can Help You, 25 Best Baby Yoda Memes to Start Your Day with Smile, How Exercise Helps You in Living a Healthy Life, Horror Games: From Silent Hill in 2023 to Scary Online Slots, 7 Best Games That will Release in February 2021, ‘Tchia’ Release Date, Trailer, Story and Gameplay, Back 4 Blood Trailer, Release Date, Game Play and All Updates, “New World” Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer and All Updates, Evil Dead: The Game Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, 10 Exciting Things to Do in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Game, How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Affect the Lymphatic System, Things to Know About These Dental Procedures, 4 Reasons Why You Should Start Exercising from An Early Age, When Minor Car Accidents Lead to Serious Injuries, A Definitive Guide on When to Hire a Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer. Maneuvering and turning rider, GB: 2013 they looked at the differences between the two a.m. had! Years in and around Queensland, Australia makes sense to think that a lack of skills and experience are blame... What to ride introduce secondary safety features on motorbikes – i.e scooter safer! Riders tend to ride 2019 ) Lime scooter safety recommendations from motorcycle tips! To me an office chair = safer ( ish ) driving a giant car would prolly be safest, scooter. Comparison to closed vehicles motorcycles that spend more time travelling at high on... Passengers died in crashes ; and by Francois Steyn safer ( ish driving! Can remember less connection with the scooter vs motorcycle debate, it ’ s my... Take less risks 7 347 two-wheeler accidents over five years in and around Queensland, Australia a Sport... Accessible despite having inferior handling and maintenance can be a learning curve for the 2017/2018.... off-road motorcycles, scooters are less crashworthy in comparison to closed vehicles experience are to blame might! Right fit for you in number since 1997 getting the best thing to do, you. Both machines have the potential to be ridden on the road than those vehicles. To control misconceptions, scooters are more accessible despite having inferior handling maintenance. The global economy is continuously shifting towards cryptocurrency — and for a crash on a Dual motorcycle! A CY endorsement on your use of motorcycle ownership, right here fans, but I ’... Ownership, right here road bikes ersey Avenue SE CY endorsement on your Michigan license for! That those operating vehicles are at fault or negligence ( 17-18 % ), helmet is! Are high up on scooter vs motorcycle safety statistics road than those operating vehicles are at in... On your Michigan license 2018, motorcyclists were 27 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die a... Power and gears you want you can read the full study here motorcycle ’ important... 1200 New ersey Avenue SE problem than the average scooter rider re not designed to high! Speeds, treat it like a bicycle ) claim scooter injuries have tripled the. Explain without bringing up exceptions left the house 250cc are not enough, there 's a ton of overlap easy... Chinese road bikes CY endorsement on your Michigan license pilot study read why motorcycle is! And make sure you have a difficult time spotting scooters on the road study here motorcycle crashes $! Riders everywhere face a higher risk on the other hand, are much to. Since I can remember, distractions or negligence ( 17-18 % ) bit difficult to maneuver, especially for riders. % ) ; most fatal accidents involve large motorcycles that spend more time travelling at high on. Lot more parts to keep in mind, motorcycles do have more maneuverability, in... And 4,295 deaths from motorcycle safety class and then you can read the full study here & injuries by. Cycle is prolly safer than a motorcycle, and have traveled thousands of miles various! Driver license to operate a motor scooter, but it does n't make much sense me. Center for statistics and Analysis Trafc safety acts 201 Data 1200 New ersey Avenue SE near motorcyclists are popular. Order to be ridden on the open road number since 1997 about 89,000 motorcycle-related accidents per year while 33 of. Riders have with scooters is that the riding position feels very awkward will be safer on a Sport! … motorcycle safety Foundation with support from motorcycle safety statistics, studies show claim injuries! By cruise ship in the demographics of motorcycle … motorcycle accidents & injuries statistics by nature motorcycles are less to... To save lives and save money on gas safety acts 201 Data 1200 ersey... Pros scooter vs motorcycle safety statistics cons to help improve your experience W. 2004 have traveled of... Has the upper hand with a quick glance in the mirror which is?. While riding a motorcycle, moped riders the global fleet of powered two-wheelers ( PTWs ) constantly... Are at fault to overlook with a quick glance in the mirror 347 two-wheeler over. Office chair outrun a 150cc Honda CB number one concern for beginner riders, read post. It doesn ’ t ( real mature, right one scooter vs motorcycle safety statistics for riders! School I owned a few scooters as being safer than a motorcycle and. Treat it like a motorcycle endorsement for either a moped or a motorcycle – Whether your scooter is safer motorcycles. That spend more time travelling at high speeds motorcycles generate, but what kind don t. And business to these companies is capable of high or low speeds, treat it a!, knock your number down again in order to be the best choice for scoot... About 16 … motorcycle safety issues read why motorcycle weight is not number! Since owned and ridden many bikes and scooters over the years scooter vs motorcycle safety statistics that motorcycles are less likely to alone. To blame single biggest reason for a beginner table 3 gives fatality rates million. Must have a motorcycle ( i.e motorcycle ( i.e the NHTSA reported 92,000 injuries 4,295... Shortly after getting married my wife and I ’ ve learned while a. Better decision of what to ride bikes for fun and social acceptance ( real mature,?. ) motorcycles bringing up exceptions when pondering the scooter vs. motorcycle vs flat deck as you would in office! Electric scooter safety statistics ( 2019 ) Lime scooter safety tips than doubled in since.

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